Dell Range Overview Explained

Dell Range Overview Explained

Dell is one of the most established and well respected laptop manufacturers in the marketplace. But finding the perfect Dell laptop for you can be a tricky task! This article will help you tell the difference between an XPS, a Latitude or an Inspiron.

 Model Categories

They are as follows:

-  XPS: these are top of the range and a not for those with tight purse strings. Mainly used by professionals and creatives alike, this is as near as one could get to an Apple MacBook. With high res screens and turbo processing speed - this really is their flagship of range.

-Inspiron: these are more for those in the middle. They are great for working and travelling. There are tonnes of variety in features and design, with a little something for everyone. Not as pricey as the XPS either! 

-Alienware: these are the premier league of gaming machines. The main features include funky lighting, awesome processing speeds and stunning displays.

-Latitudes: this is the official business range designed and made for those on the move. Much sturdier machines overall with a range of options, plus some handy security features like finger print scanning.

-Precision: this beast of a range is made for Architects, Engineers and Designers. They are pricey but then again they come with all the components necessary to work at speed with high end resolutions such as a Nvidia Quadro graphics card.

-Chromebooks: these are student friendly machines that are limited to Google Chrome as an operating system. These are light, easy to use and surprisingly sturdy, as a result, they are now found in a lot of classrooms. 

In Summary

There you have it. You are now a Dell expert. Good luck picking your next machine. If you can afford it, grab yourself an XPS – you won’t regret it.