Do Samsung make good laptops?

Do Samsung make good laptops?


The short answer to the title of this post is no! Samsung has a terribly small offering of very lackluster laptops. The premium models: Chromebooks - Pro & Pro Plus are bright sparks in an otherwise shoddy lineup.

 However, Samsung does have world class support but the models are lacking innovation and choice.

 Samsung's Strengths

  • Tech Support: With social live chat, phone calls and emails - Samsung will support your needs.

Samsung's Weaknesses

  • Boring Design: Samsung's designs are just so tedious to look at, this includes: The Notebook 9 Pen & Notebook Odyssey which is dam UGLY!
  • Bad Value for money: Samsung's notebooks are pricey inspite of poor design. The rare exception is the Chromebook 3.
  • Stagnation over Innovation: They may have added S Pen support to the Notebook 9 Pen and Notebook , but aside from this, there is nothing to get excited about. 


To be very frank Samsung neither has adequate depth or width when it comes to Notebooks. It does cater for the cheapest end of the market with the Chromebook 3 which retails at around £150. However the extent of the rest of the range consists of the Clamshell or the 2-in-1 version of their Notebook 9 - which is a boring machine that is overpriced.

If you like a tablet, the Galaxy book is awesome, but it costs an eye-watering £1k!

 If you're a gamer - you're in luck, with the Notebook Odyssey, oh no you're not - it retails are £1k! It also looks awful, so don't bother!