Laptop Innovation Trends 2019

Laptop Innovation Trends 2019

The world of laptops seems to change and improve for the better every year. When buying a new laptop its important to stay abreast of the latest developments.

We've summarised 4 cool trends which we think will rock the laptop world over the next year:

1. The Gaming Rig Invasion

Gaming laptops continue to be purchased for normal use. Why? As those building their own desktops continue to fade into obscurity, owing to an annoying lack of portability, a new market of consumers comes to the fore. These consumers want a powerful rig that they can customise, which can also easily be carted around. This all-in-one solution can be found over at Dell with their Alienware Area 51-m, this is an extremely powerful laptop with a desktop grade processor and graphics card a user can self-upgrade. Another alternative is the Asus ROG Mothership, a tablet style detachable machine that doubles up as a monitor and keyboard. Expect more users to trade in their bespoke desktops for gaming rigs in the future.

2. OLED Screens

HP were first to announce it with the Spectre. Dell is bringing multiple to market. The era of OLED screens has arrived. This just won't rock the world of gaming but everything else. Although gaming will lead the way in 2019 with the Dell's Alienware and HP's Omens, normal everyday laptops won't be far behind.

3. Redesigning

As a general rule, continuous improvement is good even if its just tweaks. But it can be frustrating to justify buying updated models based on these small tweaks. For example, Dell just modified the webcam position on the XPS 13. Not much of a change huh? However, there is Lenovo that is completely changing its hardware materials. This is exciting if you get a lighter and more durable laptop which lasts twice as long!

4. AMD

The world of AMD will continue to advance into different laptop models with the inclusion of the businesses Athlon chips within HP and Acer Chromebooks. Although Intel will still be market leader for some time, AMD will look to flank them by providing awesome gaming chips including for the Acer TUF Gaming range.