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Lenovo Range Overview Explained

April 08, 2019

Lenovo Range Overview Explained

A laptop manufacturer like Lenovo inevitably has a pretty extensive range and boy can it be confusing. This article will help you know the difference between a ThinkPad, a Yoga, an IdeaPad or a Legion.

Model Categories

In total there are now only 5 lines. Simple right?

They are as follows:

-  IdeaPads: these are designed for students and capable of being bumped about in transit.

-ThinkPads: these are a step-up from the IdeaPads and tend to be used by professionals employed across a range of industries. They are more expensive and kick out some sheer horsepower and torque for great performance.

-Yoga: these are hybrid laptops that morph into tablets and are perfect for creative types and those in teaching.

-Legion: these are made for gamers and those that need a speedy rig. They are pricey but they do kick out some power.

-Lenovo: This is the budget range – also known as the Chromebooks.

Category Models in Detail: ThinkPads

The Daddy of the range: The ThinkPad X1 Carbon (6th Gen)

  • ThinkPad X – very portable and good for business trips. The X1 carbon is thin and hard wearing with a 4k touchscreen and Dolby Vision.
  • ThinkPad T – These are portable beasts too but also very hard-wearing and built for extremes of weather with super long battery life.
  • ThinkPad P – These are very techy and very mobile with innovative features.
  • ThinkPad E – This is a purse friendly machine ideal for just doing emails and causal browsing.
  • ThinkPad L – Very low priced and very mobile with 13 & 15 inch options.
  • ThinkPad A – These are designed for creative types, gamers and coding with AMD Ryzen speed processing.
  • ThinkPad 13 – This is designed for school kids with its 13 inch screen.
  • ThinkPad 11e – This is the super saver machine and works as a spare for backpacking or school.

 Category Models in Detail: IdeaPad

The Daddy of the range:  IdeaPad 730s

  • IdeaPad 700 – Super speedy and the most premium of the range.
  • IdeaPad 500 – Middle of the range – good for school.
  • IdeaPad 300 – Purse-friendly and good for students with a wide range of screen sizes.
  • IdeaPad 100 – Very cheap and only good for emails and casual browsing.

Category Models in Detail: Yoga

The Daddy of the range: Lenovo Yoga C930

  • Yoga 900 – Pricey but and an absolute beast of a machine with everything required for business use.
  • Yoga 700 – Cool features and a friendly price point with all you could need and a 13 inch or 15 inch screen choice.
  • Yoga 500 – Not bad and you can choose different types of processors but if you’re spending this much money go for the 700 or 900 if you can afford the step-up.
  • Yoga 300 – Light, cheap as chips but with a baby 11 inch screen makes it only really good for school kids or as a spare.

 Category Models in Detail: Legion

The Daddy of the range: Lenovo Legion Y7000

  • Legion Y530 & L520 – If you like gaming, you’re in luck. The Nvidia GeForce graphics card takes it from 1050 to 1060 with a tonne of storage to boot.

Category Models in Detail: Lenovo

The Daddy of the range: Lenovo Legion Y7000

  • Lenovo N – Cheap as chips Chromebook but really only cool for school. Although it is a hybrid which is something to behold given the low price point.
  • Lenovo V – Business machine with different screen size options and decent storage.

There you have it. You are now an expert in all things that is Lenovo! Good luck picking your next machine.