Ensuring long battery life?

People often ask the question “Should I disconnect my laptop from the power socket when not in use to prolong the battery life?"

Under normal circumstances this should not be necessary as charging stops when the battery is fully charged. A top up charge is only occurring when the voltage drops to a certain level. Therefore, it is fair to say most people do not remove the AC power when using the laptop as this is fine. 

In terms of lengthening the life of your battery, a lower charge voltage will help, this is a process which electric vehicles and satellites already using to their advantage. However, laptop manufacturers have not yet made this transition.

Luckily modern laptops run at cooler levels than older models. Therefore maintaining the airflow is unobstructed when running your laptop on a bed or pillow is advised. A cool laptop will prolong the life of your battery and safeguard the internal components.

Finally, avoid super/ultra-fast charger promises which certain manufacturers lay claim to. Charging a lithium-ion laptop battery in less than an hour is likely to have adverse effects on the life of the battery.