Pulling into London with no laptop charger?

Pulling into London with no laptop charger?

Sound familiar? We've all done it? You get on your train - you've got your headphones, your coffee, you croissant and your laptop. Time to catch-up on some emails!

 Or is it? You've forgotten your laptop charger! Dam! Time to visit to PC World.

 But where are they? It all depends on where you've pulled into!

 - Kings Cross/St Pancras/Euston

Nearest PC World - 1 mile away

 - Paddington

Nearest PC World - 2.6 miles away

 - Liverpool Street

Nearest PC World - 0.8 miles away

 - London Bridge

Nearest PC World 2.1 miles away

 - Waterloo

Nearest PC World - 2 miles away


Nearest PC World - 0.8 miles away

Now here's the problem:

- The walk to the nearest PC World will probably likely to make you late for work.

- PC World only sells Universal Laptop Chargers that won't guarantee they have a compatible tip

 Now you have no laptop charger, you're late for work and your down £40!

 Look no further than - Charging Angels

You’re in Central London and you need a laptop charger urgently. Charging Angels will deliver you a brand new laptop charger across London in just 90 minutes.

Simply go onto our website: chargingangels.com locate your model on our compatibility brands pages and we will hand deliver the specific charger you need to get you powered back up and running.

Won’t this be expensive? No its £44.99! Compare this to going direct to HP its £15.01 cheaper and arrives a guaranteed 46.5 hours earlier!

 We can help: https://chargingangels.com/

 Unbox, Plug-in, Keep Going.