Universal Laptop Chargers: Good value for money or a cheap alternative?

Universal Laptop Chargers: Good value for money or a cheap alternative?

Have you ever consider buying a universal laptop charger? If so, it’s worth considering the many benefits, whether it be for office-use or travel purposes, or if you simply require an urgent replacement. As the name suggests, a universal laptop charger will be compatible with multiple laptop models and major brands including: Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Toshiba and Sony.

Universal laptop chargers can be purchased online, at an electrical goods retailer or ordered online via Charging Angels who offer a 90 minutes guaranteed delivery service within London. The advantage of ordering a model online is that overhead costs associated with bricks and mortar stores aren’t part of your price. Many high street retailers not only include expensive fixed costs into your retail price, but also offer a low quality alternative on top of this.

With this is mind, it’s worth considering whether they represent value for money?


It’s important to consider that each of us has many different devices, for example a work laptop, a personal laptop and/or a shared laptop with our partner. Therefore, achieving full compatibility is only generally possible with a universal laptop charger. If you’re on the road or working away you’ll want to know that you have enough power supply to suit whichever device you have at that time.

The best universal laptop chargers will include a wide range of compatible tips, covering the most popular models.


Typically manufacturers charge a lot for ‘standard’ or OEM chargers. There are two main reasons for this:

- Manufacturers make most of their money on the laptop themselves and therefore, they don’t want to spend money making extra tips.

-They also don’t like producing variable costs or ‘optional extras’, so most of the chargers they sell are priced higher to compensate for this, despite lacking the more advanced features of universal laptop chargers.

For these reasons, universal laptop chargers can be often be cheaper alternative!


Universal laptop chargers are now commonplace as people recognise they can be a more affordable alternative to buying replacement chargers direct from a manufacturer. Next time you’re traveling for business, working in a shared space or taking a much needed holiday – consider that a universal laptop charger can represent good value for money.