Where to go to buy a laptop charger in the UK?

Where to go to buy a laptop charger in the UK?

You’ve lost or forgotten your charger, its Monday morning and you have entered full-on panic mode! We’ve all been there. It’s one of life’s many truly tricky predicaments, but it’s easily solvable right?

 But is it?

 Have you experienced this lately? How did you get on? Tough situation, right?

 What are your options?

  1. Maplin

 They’re on every high street and stock a full range of chargers and consumer electronic goods don’t they?

 Think again, the 200 store retailer has closed its last branch after collapsing into administration in February 2018.

 Is it online? Yes – but it has no laptop compatibility checker nor can you get it delivered urgently!

 Verdict: No chance of solving your problem.

  1. PC World

 Dependable, a huge range of goods and on every High Street! Or are they? 

 “PC world closed their last remaining standalone shop in Ayr, the week commencing 26 March 2018 and now exists solely online and as part of the Currys megastores”.

 Verdict: No chance of solving your problem.

  1. Currys

 Ok so Currys is your best option. However, should you be in a town centre you may struggle as Currys is focussed on its 295 megastores, nearly all of which are on the outskirts or out of town.

 But they do have a few well-placed in Central London. Great! So you can click and collect. Or can you?

 Currys stock 6 universal laptop chargers on their website. I have a HP XPS 9370 and the universal laptop charger they sell tells me “compatible with most HP laptops”.

 Ok, so I buy it online, I make my way to the store and then I collect my new charger and find out it doesn’t work. I’ve wasted an hour and £39.99!

 Verdict: No chance of solving your problem.

  1. Direct to Manufacturer

 You make your way to the HP website safe in the knowledge that your trusted manufacturer can surely help. You select accessories and batteries, chargers and adapters. You select a tip that looks like its compatible with you XPS. But it costs a whopping £60 and the quickest it will arrive is 48 hours!

 You need it now!

 Verdict: No chance of solving your problem. 

  1. Charging Angels

 You’re in Central London and you need a laptop charger urgently. Charging Angels will deliver you a brand new laptop charger across London in just 90 minutes.

 Simply go onto our website: chargingangels.com locate your model on our compatibility brands pages and we will hand deliver the specific charger you need to get you powered back up and running.

 Won’t this be expensive? No its £44.99! Compare this to going direct to HP its £15.01 cheaper and arrives a guaranteed 46.5 hours earlier!

 Unbox, Plug-in, Keep Going.

 Verdict: We can help: https://chargingangels.com/