Our Story

We’re Charging Angels. Our mission is to keep London charged.

Every now and again it happens. Maybe you rush to the train, or you had to get to the airport quickly. You find yourself in London, with a laptop losing power, and you don't have a charger.

And that's how Charging Angels started. Back in 2018, our founders were faced with that exact predicament. They decided to fix it, and here we are.

No need to be stuck like we were

We're here to help when you're working in central London and need a replacement PC charger, fast. Charging Angels brings you a brand new charger in 2-3 hours. Whether you've forgotten your charger, need a replacement or want a spare. Just unbox, plug-in and keep going.

How does Charging Angels help you?

  • Speed: There are no compromises in our commitment to get you a replacement laptop charger fast. We use the best bike couriers in London to beat the traffic. We delivery within 2-3 hours, and many times it's 90 minutes or less!
  • Quality - Our chargers are all original brands (e.g. Apple) or compatible power adapters from respectable manufacturers.
  • Incredible Service - We actually care about our customers. We were stuck once without a charger, and we want to help you.